Whats your DJ name? 

Andy H

Tell us a little bit about yourself 

I’m born and raised in Leeds and have always loved music. I used to produce my own music in the early 2000s and have had numerous releases under the name Ictus… also The Saxon Scoundrels. I even had a John Peel session in July 2004. I love many types of music, in particular Northern Soul and funk.

Tell us about your DJ experience. 

I got into DJn by accident around 20 years ago. It was my brother who wanted to do it first but he was nervous so I went on before him one night in a bar in Leeds him to give him a bit of moral support. I loved the feeling there and then. Ended up playing Fridays and Saturdays at The Elbow Room in Leeds as warm up for Utah Saints. Have played as warm up for other big names such as Maxxi Jazz from Faithless, Sugarhill Gang, Freddy Fresh, Krafty Kuts and A-Skills, Stanton Warriors. I used to play my vinyl back in those days but now I’m strictly laptop and controller based… Still have my decks and vinyl though! I used to help a DJ mate of mine do the B. Boy battles in Leeds for an event called Fresh Jive. Keeping the beats going whilst watching the dancers do their amazing moves on the dance floor was fantastic. Breakers from all over the world used to come to battle various crews in Leeds… Brilliant memories! I’ve played many private parties in Leeds over the years and I’m happy to do the mobile DJ thing. I love reading the floor and seeing what will work or not. I do actually ask my clients before a gig what music they would like me to play and this keeps them happy.

Do you take requests

Yes definitely if I have it… If it’s not going to work though there and then I probably would save the requests for later

Whats your favourite Genre of music to play? 

Well, I actually prefer to do theme nights as a DJ and I do a night called Jambetta. It covers my favourite genre Northern Soul, Modern Soul, MOD and Ska. It’s my absolute favourite night that I do. Always a crowd pleaser is Jambetta.

Whats your perfect Floorfiller song

Frank Wilson – Do I Love you

Your Best DJ Memory? 

I think playing an impromptu unplanned gig in Turkey whilst on holiday. The hotel DJ wasn’t there so I ended up playing a load of old skool 90s dance tracks… Lots of people up and dancing… Brilliant night was that!

Any other interests? 

I still dabble in producing mixes but not as much as I used to. I enjoy true crime documentaries and things on ghosts and aliens haha….

Why Should I book you? 

Well, I always say it’s about keeping the customer happy and I always ask the customer what music they would want to hear. I’m not a talkie DJ as such but will obviously give a shout out. I’m mainly all about keeping the dance floor busy. I haven’t got the biggest setup in the world but it’s been good enough to keep getting bookings.

One thing I don’t do though is kids parties… I’d like to put that out there!!