Whats your DJ name? 


Tell us a little bit about yourself 

I was raised and live in North Yorkshire – near Pickering. I grew up on the family farm at Cropton on the edge of the North York Moors. I’m good with computers, engines and enjoy making things out of wood and metal. I’ve been a professional DJ since 2015

Tell us about your DJ experience. 

I’ve done five summer seasons in Kavos, Corfu and a number of contracts with Marella Cruises. In the last three years I have been taken to about forty different countries. My work in Kavos includes work on the main strip as well as pool parties, hotel events and also a number of late-late shifts and worker parties running well into the morning. After Beach Bar (2015, 2016), Scorers Bar (2015,16,17) Rocky’s (2018) and The Face Bar in 2019 as well as a ton of other bits around the resort.
I’ve done five contracts with Marella, three on the Marella Discovery doing the Caribbean (initially the Tui Discovery when it was Tui’s flagship), Western Med and most recently the Baltics. I have also done cover on the Marella Spirit (Med) and was booked for the closing week on the Thomson Majesty. I was the last entertainer playing before that ship was sold and did a number of the main ‘events’ such as main fireworks display (with 2500 people on deck and more on the shore).
I am based in North Yorkshire near Pickering. I have done many of the local bars and pubs with regular cover venues in Malton, Middlesbrough and York as well as a lot of mobile work throughout Yorkshire. I have a smart mobile rig with good lighting and sound.

I am a confident Mix and Mic jock playing mainly dance, party a bit of indie (or is that becoming classed as party now). I’m confident with everything from Rock & Roll through to current day as say a specialist hour or to throw into the mix. (Marella used to love specialist hours). I’m also perfectly capable of chucking a little R&B, Grime, Rock, Soul, Northern Soul, Disco… The list goes on.
I’m currently using a Denon MC7000, I have a huge music library. I am very versatile. I have played over 1000 events. I will have done a party just like yours – or two, which yours will be somewhere between.

Do you take requests? 

Of course! If they are good enough! Generally I ask for 10 ‘must play’ tracks as well as a selection of other suggestions before the event. In my opinion it’s really important to go with the flow at the event and I obviously try to take requests on-the-fly. I’m really skilled at not only knowing what you want next, but knowing what you wanted more than that but didn’t know you wanted until it came on. I’m generally also very good at judging what the majority of people will want and knowing what will lift the mood up another level.

Whats your favourite Genre of music to play? 

Oh I hate this question – it really depends on what mood I’m in. I love my dance music from the 90’s through to present and do enjoy a good dance remix of chart stuff. I am very much a crowd pleaser though and totally get off on making everyone else happy. I’d far rather generate that feeling electric excitement than play something that I like.

Whats your perfect Floorfiller song? 

This is a tough one – it really depends. I’m going to say The Black Eyed Peas – I’ve Got A Feeling, it is a great high energy track which works through most different age groups. I need to add though that it really depends on who I am playing to, what music you like and what I think is going to make you want to jump up and down.

Your Best DJ Memory? 

I think being lucky (and talented!) enough to be chosen to DJ and host for the closing party and ceremony for the final sailing of the Thompson Majesty Cruise ship. Although the sheer insanity of Kavos is hard to beat!

Any other interests? 

As a bit of a geek I love making and fixing computers. I also make and repair as much of my audio/visual equipment as possible. I enjoy digging around with bleeding-edge technologies to do things which “shouldn’t” be possible.

Why Should I book you? 

Personally I think I’m rubbish, but it seems that isn’t what everyone else thinks. I have an awesome sounding system with a great lightshow. I have a great selection of music and am absolutely solid on the mic. I am able to read a crowd well and – if you are all up for it – I’ll take your party to another level.