Mid 2018, GoGoDisco were approached by the lovely Tara, Front Office Manager at the Milford Hotel in Leeds, to see if we could help instil a little more excitement and Christmas spirit into their Christmas party nights in December.

Well… clearly we jumped at the chance to work with such a prominent local business and set up a meeting with the event manager immediately!

After our first discussion, it was clear that previous Christmas party attendees loved the venue and its fantastic team, found the food delicious but needed a touch more entertainment to complete their big night. I met with experienced Party and Club DJ Jamie Murray to discuss how we could develop a more encompassing evening for the guests.

Space was a slight issue, so avoiding our usual 5 ft wide DJ rig, we opted for a smaller DJ work area, reduced lighting and instead, we intended to put more focus on to the real aspects of a DJ and compere; an amazing variety of mixed music played at the right time for each group of party-goers and a quality, confident Host to ensure guests are welcomed, attended to and are aware of evenings plans.

To add a further personal touch, we devised a Christmas Quiz to be enjoyed during dessert, this helped interaction between guests, individual tables and the evening host, helping to bring together an otherwise potentially fractured group.

The response from guests and the event team at the Milford hotel has been fantastic. Each night was an exciting success in their own right and were looking forward to the opportunity to work with them again this year, here is a quick video clip and some commentary from our very own DJ Jamie.

This Christmas, 2018, I spent my first end of year residency hosting and providing the music for the party nights at the Milford Hotel in Leeds. DJing in such an intimate & diverse setting is always a challenge to get the music, mood and tone just right. In a room holding 130 people with an age range as broad as 18 to 88, from a variety of different backgrounds can be a challenge musically. On various nights we had office teams, School teachers, groups of friends and sporting teams all partying together in the same room.

However, rather than a challenge, I used this as an opportunity to use my eclectic mixed genre experience to ensure that no two nights were remotely similar, every night being able to play music as diverse as Abba to ZZ top, The greatest showman to Frozen, All Saints to Nakatomi and everything in between.

From the moment we finished the quiz each night the dance floor was full, the people seated were tapping their feet and singing a long. The front of house team, the waiting staff, management and kitchen staff had permanent smiles on their faces from beginning to end. The whole group, workers and guests together, celebrated the joys of Christmas as one. To top it off, when I peeped out to the public lounge, where the other hotel guests were resting, I could see them too, dancing and having a good time. Even the bar team joined in the dancing when I was requested to play the Cha Cha slide, not to mention the night porter Hand jiving to Sha-NaNa while walking across the room.

All of these things added up (along with the mouth watering meals coming passed me smelling amazing) made this one of the top 5 hotel Christmas seasons i have ever done in my long career. I look forward to working with this team again in 2019!

If you would like the GoGoDisco team to visit your hotel or venue to discuss how we can make your party nights a little more professional and fun, please give us a call on 07538904094 or send us an email  info@GoGoDisco.co.uk