Once your vows are complete, the signatures have dried and you are now officially a married couple, it’s time for you and your guests to make the journey to your chosen venue to start your celebrations. Yay! 

Perhaps you’ve been adventurous and decided on a marquee or TiPi wedding in the summer sun, or maybe your style is more quaint and a village hall adorned in bunting is your thing or even a Grand hotel steeped in history. Either way, throughout our experience in the Wedding industry, having a dedicated Wedding host on site to warmly welcome your party, announce your arrival and emcee your speeches is essential. 

Our Daytime Wedding Hosts & DJs are a contemporary take on the role of Toastmaster, in place ready to greet your guests in formal black tie attire we will liaise with your venue manager and other vendors to ensure your guests are in the right pace at the right time. 

Once dinner is called, we will ensure your guests are seated correctly before introducing the arrival of the bridal party to grand applause and a suitable soundtrack. 

Soft background music during a meal can assist in relaxation and the opening up of dialogue with table guests who may have met each other for the first time. It is also a perfect chance for you both to personalise your guests musical experience. You could decide perhaps on a New York Jazz Cafe soundtrack, a very particular playlist of your favourite acoustic artists or even a collection of classical music. The choice is yours. 

After introducing themselves to the those giving speeches after the meal, your Wedding Host will have created a personal and fitting way to introduce each speaker. Ensuring all guests are listening and ready to enjoy each speech through our crystal clear microphone system, your speakers will be set up for the best possible reception for their stories, jokes and heartfelt declarations. 

After the speeches, what better way to bring a little life and soul to your reception than taking part in the Wedding Shoe Game! 

Your Host will arrange two Chairs back to back and ask the happy couple to remove their shoes and exchange one with each other, then take a seat 

Your Host will then ask up to 30 questions such as “Who is the messiest?” “Who is the boss?” which you both must answer by holding up the relevant shoe. The key is to attempt to agree but the most fun is had when you don’t!