Whats your DJ name? 


Tell us a little bit about yourself 

I pride myself on being a friendly & approachable DJ, so all guests and clients feel comfortable when communicating with me. I aim to ensure each night is perfect and the best way to ensure this is to really work together, DJ and guests making the party amazing.

With this mentality, I’m comfortable working with any age group as we all have the same desire. It’s an amazing feeling to know that the hard work I have put in has made someone’s event the best it could be! It gives me a great sense of achievement.

Tell us about your DJ experience. 

I started my DJ career playing classic anthems in mainstream venues in my early years. I’m sure you will have heard of, or even remember, the legendary clubs in Leeds centre such as Creation, Majestyks, Heaven and Hell & Planet Earth.
These days you can usually find me behind the Decks in Leeds’ finest party venues like Reflex, Flares and Yates. But I truly enjoy delivering the Private DJ hire work though, as the event is focused around the client and it is much more rewarding!

Do you take requests? 

I suppose a guest request can make or break a night, It’s so important for the DJ to stay in control of the night, especially when trying to keep in with the clients musical tastes. So I deal with each one individually on the night. Will it impact the night positively? If so, it will definitely get played.

Whats your favourite Genre of music to play? 

On a personal level, I’m mainly into my old school Hip Hop. Think, Wu-Tang, Notorious BIG and Dr Dre’s era, imaginative lyrics, sweeping samples and funky bass lines. But for the last decade, there has been a huge demand for Commercial house music, Chart remix and feel good Party tracks at most of the venues.

Whats your perfect Floorfiller song? 

Why mess with a classic! With its easily recognisable riff, vocals that can be easily sampled & looped, and repetitive beat, you can guarantee anyone from 18 to 50 will want to dance to this track.

Robin S – show me love

Your Best DJ Memory? 

I have so many since I started in the year 2000. I’ve had amazing nights at the Gallery in York, some quite memorable nights in Birmingham providing the music for the largest Strip Club in the UK. in Birmingham! Hosted events with celebrities such as Lucy Pinder, Ron Jeremy, and Callum Best (not an A-lister but his dads a legend!)

Any other interests? 

I’m obsessed with the excitement of Football, Fast cars, watching the NFL & music.

Why Should I book you? 

I’m naturally very relaxed and to ensure your night goes nice and smoothly, I’ll work hard watching the guests on the dance floor and ensure the music is perfect.