Wedding DJ Leeds

Its amazing how much you can personalise a wedding. When I got married back in 2010 it was a grand affair in the Emerald Isle (as that’s where the Mrs hails from) We followed the usual traditional wedding pattern, but, we both said that if we could turn back the clock, we would have made it so more personal! I’m a rocker at heart and although we had an amazing traditional/contemporary band, if I had the chance again I would have stumped for full on Rock band to create a special night just for us.

Last weekend, I had the fortune of DJing for an amazing couple at The Saddle rooms in Leyburn. They had a very specific set and even chose the most amazing entrance music;

They cut the cake to this awesome tune and then we danced away to songs from Free,  The Darkness and The Ramones.

The dance floor was full, proving that you can make a night personal and your Friends and Family will go with the flow, knowing you’ve had a night to remember!

Dancing Leeds DJ wedding

At GoGoDisco, we know that everyone has to have a great night, but most importantly it is YOU the happy couple who need an evening to truly remember. We will work tirelessly to ensure that 10 years down the line, you won’t (like us) look back and think… What if?

Book your appointment by Phone or Skype and we can work together to put together a playlist that really identifies YOU.