Bringing all your closest friends and family together to help you and your new spouse celebrate your big day is what makes a Wedding such a warm and memorable occassion.

However, when you take into account the meal, the photos and all the general business involved, its hard for you and your friends to really come together and appreciate the wonderful and life changing ceremony that has just taken place.

Even throughout your evenings entertainment, the queues at the bar, the differing tastes of music and the chain smokers often means that your big group becomes fractured and needs pulling back together.

This is where when liaising with your DJ, its important to plan a final anthem. One last singalong where everyone can be invited to join you on the dancefloor and your group can finally come together.

Try and pick a slow tempo song with easy memorable lyrics. A song with a positive message. A song in a major key. One that can really raise the roof and represent your amazing day.

In the video below my happy couple chose a song that meant a lot to them and their friends and it was indeed a great finish to a truly tremendous day.