Have you ever listen to a new chart hit and thought ‘this sounds familiar!’

We like to think the cycle of music is never ending and creative popular music comes from experience, heart and soul of the new and upcoming artistes of our time.

However, producers and song writers of today have shown that the formulated nature of historic music from Pachelbels Falling fourths to Chics rhythmic guitar sequence are still the backbone of modern music.  The former forming the cornerstone of songs such as The Farm- all together now and even (if you listen closely) Green Day – Basket case and the Latter being used for  Hip Hop Super song The Sugar Hill Gang – Rappers Delight.

So, for this article I’m going to introduce you to some classic Funk, Soul and Disco songs that have been sampled, Cut, spliced and edited to form the music that you know and love….

Your job is to guess which songs sampled them! I’ll leave it to you to comment below if you know which songs they have appeared on!

Please share and comment below with your answers…


This one has at least 3 Children it has spawned!






So, how did you do?