We recently shared a blog about choosing a Wedding venue with a difference. In the article we talked about the benefits of moving away from a traditional hotel wedding and choosing a bespoke venue to capture an original and memorable memory for your guests.

Of course when taking a trail off piste, there are certain comforts and essentials that couples usually take for granted that aren’t naturally available when choosing an alternative venue.

The key element that is often overlooked is your Wedding host.

Choosing a tipi, marquee or even a cave (check out this cool article about extreme Wedding locations!) although awesome and ultra-modern, leave you and your guests missing a personal touch. 

Thankfully, due to ingenuitive technology, your GoGoDisco DJ can set up their Mobile DJ Package almost anywhere! However, every Hotel wedding will usually have a Host or master of ceremonies.  Their key and essential responsibilities include:

  • Managing the location of guests
  • Preparing and hosting of the speeches
  • Liasing with the photographer
  • Ensuring continuity of energy throughout your day
  • Providing background music on entry and through the meal

Basically, managing the 5 hours before your evening celebration to ensure your Wedding flows without a hitch.

Thankfully, the amazing team at GoGoDisco have a simple solution to this problem….

When choosing the All day hosting package, your DJ will become much more. All our Djs are chosen, not only on musical ability, but on their likable personality and their ability to control a room. When you make the decision to book a GoGoDisco DJ to host your day, instead of arriving at 6pm, they are in place (in black tie) to welcome your guests after your ceremony. 

They will welcome each guest, build rapport with the Bridesmaids and Groomsmen (as they can ensure the dance floor is bouncing all night), make friends with each set of parents and, most importantly, be the point of contact for you, the happy couple.

Our Wedding hosts will be there when the Best man needs confidence for his speech, when the Father of the Bride needs a whiskey or even if the Bride wants a group photo. We will control the room, provide microphones and introduce each speech to ensure all guests are attentive and excited for the stories to come.

So when booking your Wedding, ensure that you allocate your budget wisely… instead of spending £300 on a light up LOVE sign, perhaps swap that for a service that will indefinitely transform your day and make it memorable for all.