It was a 13th birthday party tonight and it went superbly well.

Thirteen is a funny coming of age. Their first party as a teenager needs to be a big difference from all prior celebrations and as our kids seem to be growing up faster these days, the desire to impress their friends is overwhelming. However, on the flipside, they are still technically children and just want to have a laugh and dance around!

Well, we worked closely with the client to ensure we hit every angle to ensure all guests had a fun and memorable time.

First of all appearance is everything and we installed our top DJ rig and DMX lighting system The Club Disco Package.

This immediately shows the kids attending that the DJ is the business and not a Children’s entertainer!

Then it came down to the right music at the right time. As guests arrived from 6pm we spun a chilled mix of sub 100bpm chart hits from artists such as DJ Khaled and Calvin Harris this gave them time to greet each other and immediately sets the tone for the evening. We then moved up to sub 120bpm chart and pop hits from the last 12 months such as Justin Timberlake and Katy Perry.

So far coolness level of ?

We’ve clearly won over all the teens as the dance floor is rammed…. and then… We shake it up a bit…

because like i said earlier, they’re just kids after all. This went down a storm! Followed closely by, of course, the Macarena!

Then after the candles were blown out and the sun had set we finished the night with the always popular Grime tunes of StormzySkepta and Lethal Bizzle. A must for all Teen parties.

Thanks guys! Great night.