Meet your GoGoDisco Wedding DJ & Host

Whats your DJ name?

Dean Delonix

Tell us a little bit about yourself

Well, I spent years in training, preparing to be the perfect Wedding Host & DJ. It’s important that I understand exactly how the day is structured so I can use my role as Wedding Host to successfully guide the Bridal party and the guests through each segment to the next. I ensure special emphasis on the grand entrance of the newly weds, the cake cutting and your first dance as a married couple. I’ve specialised in building quality relationships with the bridal party, the venue team and even the other vendors there on the day so we can work together to deliver the dream.

Tell us about your DJ experience.

I started my music career as a professional musician and became enthralled in the DJ industry once the technology meant that I was able to loop, sample and add effects such as pitch change on the fly. I was able to play popular songs whilst continuing a level of creativity in my mixes. In the last 15 years I have been responsible for providing the perfect music choices and holding the title of master of ceremonies at no less than 400 Weddings and have an impeccable record of quality, service and reliability. I hold a regular Thursday night Club residency which ensures that I stay familiar with each weeks new releases, remixes and keep a constant flow of old skool dance tracks.

Do you take requests?

Of course, I love requests. Some of the best floor fillers I still use today have been introduced to me by a punter. It’s always best for GoGoDisco clients to use the Client Log on page to add any requests in advance so I can ensure that I have familiarised myself with them if they are somewhat unusual. Sometimes though, you can get guests asking for songs that are either inappropriate for the night (Swearing etc) or just plain rubbish and will ruin the flow we have. This is a difficult one and I’ll need to find out through questions whether or not the song has a reason. Perhaps it’s a stag do injoke, or has special meaning to the couple, in those cases I’ll definitely play it, after all, its only 3 mins right! If its a NoNo, I’ll be polite, honest and usually get the asker to pick something else. More than likely, they go away very happy and the party continues.

Whats your favourite Genre of music to play?

For me, It has to be doing a fast paced mix of old skool popular hip hop. Some people know it as a Kisstory vibe. For me, it’s a completely nostalgic view of growing up in a suburban british neighbourhood in the late nineties and noughties, trying to relate to the rappers of south central LA. Ha,Ha.  We all did it and it shows. When I drop the bars of Juicy by the Notorious BIG and I have a room of 100 Middle class British 30 odd year olds singing every word, I know its gonna bring back good memories.

Whats your perfect Floorfiller song?

Completely depends on the crowd.. I guess in 2019 if they’re under 20 its Meduza – Piece of your heart, under 30 its Courteeners – Not Nineteen forever, under 40 its House of pain – Jump Around, Under 50 its Whitney Houston – Wanna Dance with Somebody, Over 50  It’s got to be the Jam – Town called Malice.

Your Best DJ Memory?

That would be being booked to DJ backstage at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry after the WHR Summer party 2016 to the likes of Rudimental, All Saints and Fleur East. What a night!

Any other interests?

I’m a big family man, love my kids and wife. Love to read, watch films and write and record music with the band Ringo & the Wolf.

Why Should I book you?

Communication is the key to a great night, if possible, I push to meet up in person at least once before our event. That way we can run through the timings and songs that will really build the atmosphere of your night. Once the day arrives, I will be fully prepared and arrive exactly on time to set up with little impact on your guests. Every announcement made will be clear, concise and delivered with hype from in front of the DJ booth, very much like a Saturday night TV host.

The rest of the night will be very much microphone free as I dedicate my time to mixing every song you requested whilst reading the dance floor to ensure only the most powerful tracks make it to the playlist. We usually finish on an absolute anthem to end on a high and everybody hugs before disappearing into the night. If you want to know more, just check out my reviews on the facebook page!