DJ Tom

Meet your GoGoDisco Wedding DJ & Host

Whats your DJ name?

DJ Tom

Tell us a little bit about yourself

I spent my Younger DJ years tagging along with my dad at his gigs. Helping to lift the equipment and learning the fine art of music along the way. My dad was a typical pub/wedding DJ who just loved to go around the Yorkshire venues playing great music and having the time of his life at the same time. Throughout those years I grew to love all kinds of music from the 70s right up to the weeks new releases which in them days we had to go and buy on CD. I continued to work with my dad until I met a gentleman called Mark Granger who was a radio DJ at the time. Spending more and more time with Mark and less with my dad only Improved my skill as a DJ. Mark was a genius on the microphone, I had never heard anyone so clear using a microphone. This made me much more professional and added a degree of class to my work. I feel I have had the best two possible role models to inspire me to be the wedding Host I am today.

Tell us about your DJ experience.

After having the best possible start I started to grow as a wedding DJ and host. I quickly realised that getting to know the bride bride and groom as much as possible before the event was essential, gathering as much information as I can. From the music they listen to in the car to the music they grew up listening to. By doing this I can create a real personal feel to the wedding.

Do you take requests?

Requests are the perfect way for the guests and DJ to communicate, playing a request at the right time can have a massive positive impact on a crowd, but timing is key! I will consider all requests but may choose to delay playing certain songs until the time is right. If I thought a song would have a negative effect on the evening I would politely explain and suggest choosing a different song might be a better idea.

Whats your favourite Genre of music to play?

Favourite genre of music to play would have to be old school RnB, the music was made to dance to. Endless hits from the 90s from people such as Usher, Kevin Little, Beyonce and Sean Paul.

Whats your perfect Floorfiller song?

Well perfect is a strong word, but for me a floorfiller has to be a few things, it has to have a Good beat, it has to have strong vocals and it absolutely has to be a classic. My perfect floorfiller would have to be from back on 1987 when a lady called Whitney Houston brought out I wanna dance with somebody. This song reached number one is fourteen countries and is still enjoyed by all age groups.

Your Best DJ Memory?

The best gig I have ever done would have to be a wedding at the Mansion in the grounds of Roundhay park.
Such an amazing atmosphere from start to finish. It was One of many nights that has been planned to perfection, after a meeting and numerous phone calls I really felt like i knew the Bride and Groom. It was one of them nights where every mix was perfect and the dance floor was always full.

Any other interests?

well in my spare time I like nothing more then spending time with my amazing family. Unless the football is on that is! When I’m not working I can mostly be found following my team around the country or exploring in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales.

Why Should I book you?

The same reason that I get so much return work from prestigious Venues such as the Queens hotel in Leeds or Clubs Such as Walkabout, I have a great track record of playing the perfect music for each occasion.