Meet your GoGoDisco Wedding DJ & Host

DJ Pat

Whats your DJ name?


Tell us a little bit about yourself

I have a love of all music. Sure, I have my favourite genres to mix – Hard House, Hardcore, Trance, Deep House to name just a few – but I just love to mix full stop and can be just as comfortable mixing the latest dancefloor craze with an old skool classic. I’ve never been one to follow a crowd for the sake of it, I do my own thing and have a look and musical style that is all me, and reflects my personality perfectly.

Tell us about your DJ experience.

I began my musical life as a drummer – I always have been all about the beat. I was a self-taught drummer in various bands throughout my teens and then when I hit my early twenties, found myself in a shared house with a friend who had a set of decks, and I decided to have a go. I literally never looked back – I went from never having mixed a track to playing full clubs and bars within just 2 months… seems that my drumming background gave me a natural ability to pick up the beatmatching basics. From there, it was all just passion for mixing what I loved, and still love today – Hard House – though that love of accuracy with my beatmatching has extended to mixing anything, and I do mean anything. I’m never happier than when I’m finding two completely obscure tracks that don’t belong together and mixing them to make a new sound. My absolute favourite thing about DJing when I’m mixing? That “pop” noise all DJs will know, when the beats you’re mixing are so accurately matched, they cancel one another out slightly.

Do you take requests?

Absolutely! The best DJ in the world can still need suggestions, none of us are psychic! I like to know I’m dropping something that someone was desperate to hear, and seeing them and their group of friends go nuts to it, gives me that warm glow every time. There are those awkward moments when asked for something that simply doesn’t fit with what is being played, or that you know you were asked to avoid at the start of the night. Key to this, is to ensure lots of interaction ahead of the booking – which I always do, so that I gather the perfect picture of what is wanted. Then should an awkward moment come up, I can expertly steer the requests towards something that will fit.

Whats your favourite Genre of music to play?

Without a doubt, it’s Hard House. Think Tidy, Vicous Circle, Sundissential, Frantic, Goodgreef, Trade… mid-to-late 90s to early 00s hard and fast dance music. The faster, bouncier and nastier, the better for me. The sheer speed allows me to completely lose myself in my style of lots of drop-cuts, chops and stabs during breakdowns. When I am mixing that stuff, no one is sitting still! From a similar vein, I also love to mix Hardcore, Trance, Funky House and Deep House… and if a more commercial edge is requested, 90s era commercial dance music too can allow me to shine with my particular style. Let me get my hands on the original Renegade Master and any other track you care to name with a 4/4 beat, and I will raise the dead to strut it out!

Whats your perfect Floorfiller song?

This absolutely depends on the crowd and occasion – as well as when asked the question! 6 months from now, the answer could totally change. Sometimes it’s the latest big hit, sometimes it’s a tried and tested classic. At the moment, the biggest track I have that goes down really well is a midi-remix of Ed Sheeran – Shape of You. But then, if the occasion was say, a 60th birthday, that might not be the most obvious choice. I read the room and refer to my discussion notes I took before the gig as any truly great DJ should.

Your Best DJ Memory?

That would be playing in an arena at a booked out holiday park for a NYE extravaganza some 20 years ago, on a stage which was an eclectic mix of DJs and styles… directly before me? Only the amazing and legendary Goldie playing an insane D&B set… I remember thinking “how the $#*@ will I follow THAT!?…” but follow it I did. A few deep breaths, then I smashed out a Hard House set to a couple thousand people all going nuts and loving it. Wish I had a good camera phone back then, all have is a memory that will never leave me!

Any other interests?

I’m still a drummer in my spare time, and I just love to mix – I can be found practicing constantly to perfect my art. I am a very avid gamer and definitely, 100% a total nerd.

Why Should I book you?

I pride myself in bringing along the highest spec of equipment for both sound and lighting, and then tailor making your event with your tracklists and my mixing abilities, to make an event you and your guests will never, ever forget. Because that is what it’s all about.